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For over 5000 years, seals have been the precious possession for any individual

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Ring styles in detail

We use 9 and 18 carat gold rings, ensuring not only the best possible finish when new, but also that the ring will retain its good looks for a lifetime. The perfect canvas for your genuine hand cut Neil Oliver seal. Note - some rings may be available in white gold or platinum, please check before making order.

Seal Rings

Neil is a highly skilled craftsman, in many fields of the engraver's art, but he is best known in the jewellery trade and amongst his own clients for his seal engraving on both gold and gemstone set signet rings. He achieves an astonishing amount of detail and quality in his work, using traditional tools and techniques. Each piece Neil creates is individually hand cut. The result is not simply a piece of jewellery, but an heirloom to be treasured for generations.

Stones Used in Sealmaking

• Agate - is a tough cryptocrystalline variety of Quartz. It occurs in geodes in volcanic and sedimentary rocks and frequently as pebbles. It consists of chalcedony in which the colour is irregularly distributed. The colours are arranged in parallel bands called "banded Agates"

• Lapis Lazuli - Intense ultramarine blue gemstone. Soft but tough. The finest examples are found in Afghanistan, Lake Baikal, Bokhara and Turkestan.

• Bloodstone - Dark green Agate*, containing scattered spots of red jasper (Blood). Found in India, Siberia and the Hebrides.

• Red Sardonyx - Layered Agate* made up of a combination of Cornelian and White Chalcedony, Found in Uruguay, Brazil and Lake Superior.

• Onyx - Black, Exceedingly tough, Agate*.

• Cornelian - Orangey-red Agate*. Found in Uruguay, Brazil and Lake Superior.

• Black Sardonyx - Layered Agate* made up of a combination of Onyx and White Chalcedony. See White/Red Sardonyx.

Engraved glass by Neil Oliver

Neil uses the time honoured copper-wheel method of glass engraving, on only the finest British lead crystal glassware. The glass is held against a hand-made copper wheel tool in a lathe. The engraving is achieved by the action of a grinding agent, suspended in oil and applied to the wheel. As the glass is held and moved on the wheel, the grit cuts into the surface and with skilful manipulation of the glass and the correct wheel, this results in a beautiful three-dimensional fine textured design.


Neil Oliver is also able to take commission work on glass, specialising in heraldic crests and coats of arms. Just e-mail us or telephone with your ideas and contact details and Neil will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you personally.

Our service is available In:

  • Aberdeen

  • Inverness

  • Glasgow

  • Forres

  • Edinburgh

  • Across the UK

  • And Worldwide

Whether you are looking for seal rings or engraved glass, Neil Oliver can help.

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Our signet rings are available in these head sizes; we are happy to advise which might suit you best.

Gent’s styles

  • 19mm x 19mm oval

  • 15mm x 13mm oval

  • 15mm x 15mm cushion shaped

Unisex styles

  • 14mm x 12mm oval

  • 13mm x 11mm oval

  • 11mm x 11mm square

Lady’s styles

  • 11mm x 9mm oval

  • 11mm x 9mm cushion shaped